Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love is a satirical point and click game inspired by the classic adventure games from the likes of LucasArts and Sierra.

Platforms: PC | PS4 | Xbox1 | Switch

Release: May 16th 2019 (PC) + June 27th (consoles)

Developer: Artifex Mundi (PL)


After being announced in July 2018, the news about Irony Curtain went pretty much cold. With around 2 months to launch, we came on board to try remind and create interest among press and influencers, primarily English and German speaking.

A niche genre that is often not covered by press willingly, the key was to find those outlets and individuals who still had a soft spot for a genre they most likely played as a child.


"a love letter to classic point-and-click games"

- PlayStation Official Magazine


Timed re-announcement exclusive on, one of Germany’s biggest independent gaming websites

+250 press articles over the span of 2 months

+50 reviews across all platforms, despite split launch.

Generated enough top tier reviews to get all 4 platforms listed and scored on Metacritic

YouTube lets play features from prominent adventure game fan channels such as Kathrine of Sky, Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, Staszek i GRAszkowski and Raptor

13 600+ hours watched on Twitch with around 86 broadcasters - 49 of which (around 56%) being the English and German markets.



"highly recommended "

- Adventure Gamers