Etherborn is an elegant redesign on the gravity-puzzle genre. Traversal is built around your unique sense of gravity that anchors you to any surface to touch. Moving through the environment becomes the puzzle in itself where each level acts as a sort of organic Rubik's Cube

Platforms: PC | Switch | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One

Release: July 18th 2019

Developer: Altered Matter (ESP)


Etherborn is an art project build around an amazing game mechanic. After helping the team secure funding via FIG we helped the team for over 2+ years on all fronts PR and marketing till launch. The game amassed multiple awards, +400 pieces of coverage and around +120 reviews from sites from all around the globe.


"a beautiful exploration platformer"

- Nintendo Life


Successful FIG campaign

+400 press articles from reveal to launch with features on sites like Nintendo Life, game Informer, PC Gamer, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun

Promo placements on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo social channels

Launch date announcement on The Kinda Funny games E3 Show 2019

+60 preview articles

+120 reviews around launch

+100 influencers on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube covered the game with around 30 000 hours broadcast on Twitch alone



"stunning in simple stillness"

- PC Gamer