Fast-paced 12 player multiplayer battle royal that mixes PvP and PvE, set in the Dying Light universe. The focus is on melee combat, fast looting and close shave encounters against other players.

Platforms: PC

Release: September 13th 2018 (Early Access)

Developer: Techland (PL)


Handled the influencer campaign exclusively. Joined the team less than 1.5 months before launch to handle all influencer outreach for the 2 Betas plus Early Access Launch week.

The focus was on organic only and required the game to be communicated from scratch to influencers.


CAMPAIGN Highlights

The top 200 organic videos on YouTube up to 21.09.2018 generated around +6 700 000 views

7500+ streamed hours across 1880+ Twitch and Mixer channels for the 2 Betas and release week.

Successful showing of the game to influencers at Gamescom and PAX West 2018

Gameplay uploads / streams from the likes of H20 Delirious, Lirik, Shroud, CoryxKenshin, Dashie Games CohhCarnage and many many more.