If Civilization and Warcraft collided, Driftland: The Magic Revival is a clever mix of 4X, God Sim, RTS and City Management all blended into one. Use unique management systems, magic and linking floating islands to rebuild an empire on a literally shattered world.

Platforms: PC

Release: April 18th 2019

Developer: Altered Matter (ESP)


The Driftland: Magic Revival team approached Wire Tap Media with a few weeks left of their early access campaign with the need to get some attention from select English and German outlets and influencers.


"As it stands I am really enjoying Driftland"

- PowerUp!


With a limited build and only a few weeks, we managed to get the game covered by prominent PC and strategy publications and influencers.

Preview articles from sites such as PC Gamer (UK+US), 4Players (DE), Spieletester (DE) and PowerUp! (AUS) who have a substantial PC hardcore readship

YouTube, Twitch and Mixer pieces from prominent RTS influencers including Pixelated Apollo, SplatterCat Gaming, Yippie Ka Yay Mr Falcon and Glitchy.

Future review placements from various UK and and German for when the game launched out of Early Access.



"a beautiful and absorbing resource management game"

- PC Gamer