Aragami: Shadow Edition is all your stealth needs in one package. The base game bundled with the story expansion Aragami: Nightfall plus all released DLC.

Platforms: PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One

Release: June 5th 2018

Developer: Lince Works (ESP)


Aragami: Nightfall is the 4 chapter expansion pack while Aragami: Shadow Edition was the bundle created of the base game + DLC to mark the Xbox One launch which we expanded to other platforms.

The approach was to showcase the game to old and new fans alike as we aimed to present new content for previous fans and a totally fresh game to those on Xbox One. The key was also ensuring press saw this as something more than "a patched version + DLC"


"a stealth masterpiece"

- Windows Central

CAMPAIGN Highlights

IGN First Feature

Over 115+ reviews taking the average score of the enhanced version to  8/10 from the initial original's 7/10

Xbox featured game on launch

Over 200+ news articles about the game by launch